"The puzzle project deals with vague themes: connection, balance, infinity, using a plain and simple image- the jigsaw puzzle. The idea is to create objects that point to the ideas or concepts they represent, as a single puzzle piece inherently states that it is part of something greater."   -kevin campbell

The puzzle project is a conceptual work of art that was started in 1994 by artist, Kevin Campbell, and continues to be added onto up to this day. If it were fully assembled, it would span an area larger than a basketball court, ranking it one of the largest hand-cut hand-painted jigsaw puzzles ever made. It is made up of over two thousand puzzle pieces. Each one is individually numbered, catalogued, and photographed in order to create a composite digital image composed of hundreds of photographs of pieces and groups.  The different groups and single pieces are owned by over eighty different collectors in the US and overseas.