The Puzzle Project is a work of art that can be added onto - can "grow" indefinitely. By joining sheets of plywood together edge-to-edge, a theoretically limitless surface is created.

As it grows, pieces and groups of pieces are separated and treated as individual works of art. By maintaining its shared edge, it presents an opportunity to consider and examine our singularity and our connection... socially, emotionally, spiritually... how our place in the larger scheme simultaneously influences and echoes the whole.

The puzzle as a metaphor for life implies a degree of uncertainty, of challenge... of struggling to make the pieces fit. The "solution" or desired connection among pieces, however, exists with absolute certainty whether or not we are able to comprehend it.

The Puzzle Project is potentially infinite in dimension. By design, it lacks "edge" pieces and therefore has no boundaries. New pieces and sections are continually being added, creating an evolving, expanding organism in flux. Because of this, the overall puzzle can never be physically assembled and viewed in its true state, so that each perception of it is unique.

Each puzzle piece is either literally connected (or capable of being linked) with its surrounding companion pieces and, by extension, philosophically linked to every other piece in the puzzle, even those pieces which remain to be created or have been removed. Single puzzle pieces do not define the overall whole. Rather it is their relationship to one another- the larger pattern - which defines those individual pieces. Although they have some degree of differentiation (in their unique shapes, colors, etc.), they do not exist in a vacuum; they cannot be said to possess a unique identity outside of their place in the pattern. They require connection - real or implied- to validate their reality.